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Coworking Barcelona | A Better Office.

It seems quite clear that Barcelona has become the epicenter of coworking in Spain for freelancers, entrepreneurs, techies or professionals. With about 240 spaces enabled with what is necessary to conquer the world, it is an excellent opportunity for those who know its dynamics.

We are delighted with our neighbours at the Aticco Coworking and we are friends! Forget the cafes and their daily drama, now you can opt for a renovated vintage building, a terrace with spectacular view or a more industrial style. Coworking Barcelona is already 22 years old facilitating environments to avoid isolation and with a great variety of benefits.

The flexibility to save costs

A better Office: Certainly a great catalyst of these shared spaces is linked to the money and other resources necessary to carry out your activities. In Barcelona you can get an equipped space that you can rent once a week, for days and even with monthly rent.

It does not matter if you want to pretend you’re at home or look for inspiration, you can be yourself. For this, you have high speed internet, 24 hour service, conference room, individual desks, shared tables, cafeteria, common spaces, services and maintenance.

Another very interesting advantage of this model has to do with the workshops that are held regularly. Whether you are interested in being updated or not, it is just one more option that you have without any additional charge.

Increased productivity and confidence in the workplace

A clear advantage of Barcelona Coworking has to do with surrounding yourself with creative people who need an environment that gives them that ideal feedback or silence to concentrate on. Unlike other places like home or a cafe, you are not subject to all kinds of recurrent and undesirable distractions.

In addition, you are in a place where you can perfectly pass for professional, even if you do not have the credentials. You have the facility to invite your clients to come to your office, have a meeting in the meeting room or talk business with your coworkers.

Having the facilities of this environment allows you to establish a more productive schedule or break the usual routine. You will be in a relaxed atmosphere, where everyone does their thing, share enriching experiences and individual respect is the norm par excellence.

Expand your awareness and network of contacts

In the end, Coworking Barcelona allows to limit a little how lonely a freelance job can be. The fundamentals of this model of work is the fact of belonging to a community that seeks an interdependence that is more in tune with its values.

Being surrounded by freelancers, designers, programmers and more has that extra ingredient of creating more opportunities to grow. In this increasingly interconnected world, projects are seen in the need to recruit experts in different areas of knowledge.

Shared spaces are a kind of melting pot where many things happen at the same time and it is natural that interaction or coexistence allow you to expand your business opportunities. It is a natural synergy that you can take advantage of for your benefit.

Flexible desks

You want to have total control of your environment on a day-to-day basis and not be tied to a single location or desktop. Then the coworking option Barcelona Flexible desks is for you.

Fixed desk

If you like working from the same space most of the time, we have the perfect solution here at coworking Barcelona. We have amazing fixed desktop packages that are ideal for your business needs.

Private office

If you have a business with little staff or if you like to have a private and quiet environment to work, the plan of the private office of Coworking Barcelona is ideal for you to prosper.

Meeting Rooms

We have multiple rooms ranging from 4-6 people to 16 people. Each space is the perfect meeting place for your customers, for courses, workshops or just a cozy room where you can work a small business.

Virtual Office

Need a business address and a phone number? Home your business in our virtual office and let us take care of your calls.

Exclusive Locations

As a No1 provider of coworking in Barcelona, you will find that we have access to some of the best workplaces in the area. He works in an atmosphere of luxury and tranquility at all times.

Coworking BARCELONA?

This modality interests, in a way, the so-called “startups”, emerging companies, which are starting and whose campus is small in members, whose mentality opens to the world through “ecommerce”, or electronic commerce, and whose schedules fluctuate according to the Market needs and the availability of the employer. It is in the interests of businesses that take time, because it is a way of updating, capturing new customers and opening up to new forms of trade not yet exploited. The justification is simple: in spite of the advances, the vast majority of companies do not squeeze the niches of markets and publicity that the social networks or the digital market suppose. In other words, in coworking Barcelona there is a place to place and to make known new products, as well as catalogues with years of experience.

Coworking is a style that will reach the future. It is defined to give to know clients, to share information and to encourage each other. It really is an area where people from different businesses open up to others. The ideas, the contacts, the continuous training, are data that distinguish the coworking of staying at home working. This translates into sales, openings to new markets and continuous updating. In short, it is a advisable style today.

Passion leads to success
Co-working Barcelona™

What can we offer you?

Exclusive Locations

You will find our locations in the most beautiful areas of Barcelona.

Wifi + Internet

Fiber Optic 300 MB Broadband Internet connection + WiFi in all locations.

24-hour access

Simple and easy access Control with fingerprint scanners.

Expenses included

Everything from lights, water, air conditioning, cleaning, heating and insurance. ALL INCLUSIVE


Let’s make sure your visitors receive the best reception. 9:00 am-7:00pm every day.

Meeting Rooms

Luxurious meeting rooms fully equipped with blackboards, blackboards, video projectors, Internet and all the cables ready for the meetings to be successful.


A comfortable environment at all times with ergonomic chairs, air conditioning, natural light and unique office spaces to make you feel at home.


Fully equipped kitchens with Nespresso coffee machines, toasters, refrigerators, microwaves and filtered water available at each location.


Monthly contracts that allow you to choose when and where. We also offer weekly passes to meet your needs.

Home your company

Make the beautiful city of Barcelona the business direction of your company.


Your work environment is where you must thrive. We want you to be stress free with the Barcelona coworking.

Our Promise

If you are not 100 satisfied after your first day, we will guarantee you a full refund.

You didn’t realise how easy coworking in Barcelona was?

We don’t think like the majority. We think for you! This isn’t about rooms for you to use. This is about finding you the perfect, relaxed environment so you can thrive. Come and have a coffee with us, tell us exactly what you need and let’s find you the perfect coworking spot in Barcelona.

Coworking spaces in Barcelona | A Better Office.

We know the importance of having the perfect coworking space in Barcelona and for that reason, we have adapted our spaces to your needs.

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